Kira's work was the highest caliber and she asked good questions that not only helped her but the class as well. She has since got me thinking about instructional changes. I believe that Kira will be a credit to any organization lucky enough to hire her. She would also distinguish herself in a doctoral program as her writing is excellent and displays higher-level thinking in terms of her academic work. Kira's creative mind would definitely be demonstrated in a dissertation. 

-Professor at Lesley University

Kira easily connected with my son. They accomplished the educational goals for him effortlessly. My son is not a strong academic student, yet he looks forward to the arrival of "Mrs. Brewster" each day!

- Kara O.

My child was struggling in school. His motivation was gone and resisted going to school every morning. He was becoming depressed and his teacher had no idea how to deal with the situation. After utilizing Kira's services, my son is now enthusiastic about learning, going to school, and is happier overall. Thank you for saving my son!

- Denise D.

Mrs. Brewster has been a very positive influence on my son in assisting him with his development and helping him with his studies. My son enjoys coming to see her and I look forward to having him continue to work with her.

-Clyde B.

A number of Mount Zion students have been blessed to have Kira Brewster as their tutor.  She accomplishes real gain with the students and the students look forward to their interactions with her.  The parents of the students are also happy with the quality of teaching that their children experience.  I am pleased to be able to recommend her service to our parents.

-Headmaster at Mount Zion

"Kira has worked with my son for 1.5 years and is currently seeing him 

through the summer.  She has provided strong academic support including, but

not limited to, word decoding, vocabulary, reading comprehension and math. 

She has been available to communicate with teachers on his behalf thus

increasing his success with his academics.  Kira has always been available 

to discuss my son's education and has provided tremendous support with not

only academics, but future planning related to different schooling options. 

She has seen my son through some tough times while giving him respect and

compassion so he could build his confidence and flourish.   My family and 

son are very grateful to Kira, and would highly recommend her tutoring


-A Grateful Client (Merrimack, NH) 

Kira/Mrs. Brewster is dedicated to helping students enjoy learning .Her enthusiasm for teaching helps open doors for our child who is twice exceptional and gifted with learning disabilities. Her innovative and traditional ways of making learning fun are key to helping our reluctant reader and her love of teaching shines in everything she does.

-Christine W.

Kira is amazing and so much more than just a tutor.  She is not only there to help her students academically, she is also a great source of strength and inspiration for them personally as well.  As a mother of a child who suffers from ADHD, Kira always tries to keep it real and keep the goals and focus on the things that our daughter truly needs.  She is flexible, adaptable, proactive and outstanding in her communication and care.  I would highly recommend her services and would think any child would be lucky to have her as their tutor and a part of their lives.

-Susan S

“Kira, I am writing to thank you for the time you have spent over the last three school years with my son.  With your patience and dedication, he has improved tremendously.  We appreciate the effort and compassion that you have shown our family and are enjoying listening to him read out loud and have more confidence in his reading abilities.  We also appreciate your communication with his teacher and ongoing contact with us.  He has enjoyed his time with you greatly.” 

-Megan H.


Kira helps students develop their academic skills in a positive way. Before working with Kira, our son was frustrated with traditional teaching methods. She opened a world of learning to him through her flexible and innovative teaching style. She harnessed his unique interests, taught a foundation in a variety of subjects, and made every session valuable. Kira is engaging, kind, and patient- a teacher every child deserves. 

-Christine C.