Hourly Homeschool Consultations

I offer a wide range of home school consulting services designed to assist the home-schooler at all stages of their education. Support is available in many areas which include:

  • Help parents make modifications for special needs
  • Guide parents through state requirements
  • Assessments (quarterly, beginning /end of school year)
  • Testing (used to track student's progress)
  • Assist parents with lesson planning and record keeping 
  • Placement (used to determine a child's placement according to age and grade level)

Hourly Tutoring Services

Tutoring is available on an hourly basis to give children the support they need. I will come to your home or incorporate reinforcement during your child's school day. Tutoring is available in the following content areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Phonics
  • Math
  • History
  • Science
  • Organization and study skills
  • Strategies for test taking

Services are available for children in grades K-12, including remedial and gifted students. Whether your child is an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, I will find a strategy that will result in success. Techniques are shared and practiced so students can achieve success on their own. A foundation is built on your child's strengths.

Complete Homeschool Coaching Package

I offer a complete service that includes evaluating the student's academic record, establishing reachable goals and advising the student throughout the school year. 

A quarterly evaluation and access to me through email is also included. One-on-one weekly tutoring can be added, at an additional cost.